Company Profile

Automation technology for over 40 Years

IAI Corporation was founded in 1976 in Shizuoka, Japan, and specialises in components and system solutions for pneumatic-free automation. It has more than forty years of experience in the development, design and manufacture of electric actuators and industrial robots.

As a specialised manufacturer of industrial robots, IAI continuously invests in research and development to offer its customers innovative automation solutions. The high precision, reliability and long service life of the products enable them to be used efficiently in many different manufacturing processes.

Over 25,000 products in the portfolio

The product portfolio ranges from electric mini and micro cylinders, linear drives, rod types, servo presses, rotary drives and grippers to cartesian robots, tabletop and SCARA robots. In addition to the standard version, many products are also offered in IP-protected or cleanroom versions. Matching controllers with all common fieldbus connections round off the range.

IAI's actuators and industrial robots are used by many manufacturing companies, for example in the automotive industry, electronics production or the optical, medical and pharmaceutical industries. In addition to the high quality, customers all over the world appreciate the compact design and the low maintenance requirements.

Your advantages at a glance

  • System solutions are precisely matched to each other thanks to the factory parameterisation of all modules.
  • Compact design with high rigidity and load capacity.
  • High repeat accuracy and travel speed.
  • Lifetime lubrication for long freedom from maintenance.