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IAI opens showroom in Germany

IAI will open a new showroom at its office in Germany. Close to Frankfurt Airport, all IAI electrical automation components will be available for personal inspection from 10 November 2021.

In addition, this new showroom will also serve as a training centre to test the actuators and robot systems in practice and to learn how to integrate and program them perfectly in training courses.

"The past few months of the pandemic have made us sorely miss the regular personal discussions and exchanges with our customers and business partners. Even though we have always maintained contact via other technical channels, this can unfortunately never be equated with a face-to-face conversation," says IAI Sales Manager Stefan Ziemba. "So it's all the more pleasing now that our new showroom and training centre provide us with a contemporary opportunity for precisely these personal encounters."

Individual customer requirements

The showroom will be used to receive customers and business partners in one-to-one appointments and to hold detailed personal discussions in a small setting, he said. "Since we have all the resources at our disposal in this room, we can also respond much more intensively to the respective concerns and wishes of our visitors than is also possible at a trade fair, for example. "This also means that experiments and desired applications can be set up and prepared in advance," Stefan Ziemba emphasises.

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