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Pneumatics off - EleCylinder on!

The trend towards an ever-greater significance of electrical actuators continues apace. To meet this trend, IAI is launching an all-new series of electrical actuators for easy entry and/or conversion to this pneumatic-free emerging technology.

New product series: EleCylinder

EleCylinder is the name given by the pneumatic-free automation specialists to its new red and black actuators. With integrated controllers these actuators are very easy to program and depending on the application, process-speeds, acceleration and braking cycles are specified as well as the actual positions. Like all electrical actuators, the new EleCylinders can effortlessly maintain slow, unfluctuating speeds throughout the entire stroke.

High-resolution battery-free absolute encoders

The actuators of the new EleCylinder series also have high-resolution battery-free absolute encoders. So, the new product series embodies all the advantages of this technology: no need for homing operations or home sensors, no battery maintenance and nothing in its place and problem-free restart after emergency stops etc. The high position-repeatability of +/- 0.05 mm means extremely precise positioning.

New wireless teaching pendant

IAI is also presenting its new Teaching-Pendant "TB-03" together with the new EleCylinder series. In combination with the EleCylinder series this new Teaching-Pendant can now communicate wirelessly with the new electrical actuators. Amongst other things, the user benefits from the ability to easily reprogram actuators which are concealed behind fixed covers externally at any time. Furthermore, the new Teaching Pendant can be used to program all other IAI electrical actuators via a conventional cable connection.

The easy-to-program electrical actuators of the new EleCylinder series enable IAI customers now to quick and easy entering into fully pneumatic-free, sustainable and energy saving, quiet and completely emission-free automation. The new electrical actuators of the EleCylinder series are for use in practically all assembly, positioning and handling jobs throughout industry.

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