Multi-axis Controllers for Robots

Space-saving, extentable and easy to use


RSEL + RCON + REC = R-Unit

R-Unit is the new generation of space-saving controllers that are coupled via module connection and are easily interchangeable.

These include the RSEL program controller, the RCON positioning controller and the REC controller for the motion control of EleCylinders.

The controller units with identical connections allow free selection and combination of connected electric actuators and their control methods.

RSEL - Compact program controller for up to 16 actuators

Up to 8 axes can be connected to the RSEL control and, in conjunction with the REC controller, up to 16 actuators.

It supports both linear and interpolating travels. It is also possible to control the connected actuators by dividing them into two groups.

The space required for the control panel is up to 67% less compared to previous IAI models (2 MSEL controller with 4 actuators each), where a 4-axis actuator is connected to a single driver unit. Costs are reduced by approximately 43 %.

At a glance

  • Simultaneous operations of up to 8 axes (16 axes in combination with REC controller).
  • Possible to register positioning points up to 36,000.
  • Supports battery-less absolute encoder, simple abso unit, incrementalencoder and quasi-abso encoder.


XSEL multi-axis controller for up to 8 axes

XSEL-SA Controller

Servo motor actuators are operated with the XSEL multi-axis program controller. Up to 8 axes can be controlled simultaneously. They can also move interpolating. Of a maximum of 255 programs, up to 16 run in parallel in real time.

XSEL program controllers can also be used independently. They have various interfaces for communication with the periphery. For systems with up to 196 digital inputs and outputs, no PLC is required.

Wireless or wired teaching pendants

TB-03 Panel

The latest teaching pendant TB-03 can be connected to all controllers using the appropriate cables. The same functions and operating characteristics of the previous TB-02 are available.

In combination with the EleCylinder series, it can also communicate wirelessly via WLAN. Among other things, this has the advantage for the user that actuators already permanently installed behind covers can also be easily reprogrammed at any time.

Connection to fieldbus networks

Actuators are connected to fieldbuses such as Profinet, Profibus, EtherCAT or EtherNet/IP or Profibus either via a gateway or directly via a corresponding interface on the controller. The  ➥ Network Table shows which controller is compatible with which fieldbus.

Field network configuration files can be downloaded free of charge on the following Field Network page.

Multi-axis Controllers | Overview

Position Controllers

RSEL Controller

Modular 8-axis controller

  • Most actuators can be connected
  • Input voltage: 24 V & 230 V

R-Unit Catalog


XSEL-SA Controller

8-axis controller

  • For Single-axis robot, Cartesian robot, RCS4, RCS3 and RCS2
  • Input voltage: 230v

XSEL Controller


XSEL-PX3 Controller

SCARA robot controller

  • For IXA SCARA robot and IX SCARA robot
  • Input voltage: 230v

XSEL SCARA Controller


MSEL-PC Controller

4-axis controller

  • For IXP SCARA robot, RCP6, RCP5, RCP4, RCP3, RCP2 and WU
  • Input voltage: 24v

MSEL Controller


SSEL-C Controller

2-axis controller

  • For Single-axis robot, Cartesian robot, RCS4, RCS3 and RCS2
  • Input voltage: 24v

SSEL Controller


Teaching Pendants

TB-03 Panel

Touch panel data setter

  • For setting operating conditions and status monitoring
  • Wireless connetion with EleCylinder via Bluetooth
  • Cable connections to all controllers

TB-03 Touch Panel Catalog

TB-03 | CAD

TB-02 Panel

Touch panel teaching pendant

  • Color touch panel
  • Saving program/data on SD memory card
  • Cable connections to all controllers and tabletop robot TTA

TB-02 Touch Panel Catalog

TB-02 | CAD