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Here you will find the latest information about new actuators and robots, controllers, software updates and the IAI company.
In short, lots of interesting things to see and read.

IFA- fast belt-driven actuators

IFA dust-protected belt-driven actuators with strokes up to 3,200 mm and maximum speed of up to 3,000 mm/s. Double slider specification available.

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Rotary chuck: rotation & gripping

RCP6 rotary chucks consolidate rotation and gripping movements and can perform multipoint positioning between 0 and 360°.

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Slim RCP6 rotary actuators

Slim and lightweight RCP6 rotary actuators with large hollow shaft diameter of 49 mm for feeding through cables or pipes.

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Modular RSEL & REC controller

New RSEL program controller and REC EC controller complete the unit-connecting controller series R-Unit.

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Extra large ISB slider types

New extra large ISB slider types with long stroke and ultra high-speed complete the ISB series. For up to 400 kg horizontal payload.

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High-speed IXA SCARA robot series

With the IXA series, a new high-power SCARA robot with battery-less absolute encoder is now available.

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