Extra large ISB slider types

Suitable for high-speed and high-load transport

The IntelligentActuator series ISB has been extended by wide and extra-long types with a maximum horizontal payload of up to 400 kg. They are also based on aluminium profiles with a compact rectangular cross-section.

The new wide slide types with a stroke of 3,000 mm are equipped with a newly designed intermediate support that eliminates speed slowdown of long strokes. Maintainability has also been improved. Grease lubrication can be made from both sides of the slider without removing the main cover and other objects attached on the slider.


Long stroke and high speed

  • Maximum stroke: 3,000 mm
  • Maximum payload: 400 kg horizontal, 70 kg vertical
  • Maximum speed: 2500 mm/s
  • Maximum acceleration: 1.2 G


No speed slowdown despite long stroke

The ISB-WXMX slider types with a stroke of 3,000 mm are equipped with a newly designed intermediate support.  It suppresses deflection of the ball screw and enables high-speed operation without deceleration.

Only horizontal mounting is possible for the intermediate support type.

Battery-free absolute encoder included

The new extra large ISB slider types are equipped with battery-less absolute encoders as standard. This eliminates the need to replace batteries and consequently reduces maintenance.

Advantages of battery-free absolute encoder:

  • No battery replacement necessary
  • Reference point run no longer required
  • Shorter start-up time after machine downtime


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