High-speed IXA SCARA robot series

Standard, cleanroom & IP65 types

With the new high-performance SCARA robot series IXA, IAI offers one of the fastest SCARA robots in the industry. The series includes standard, cleanroom and heavy-duty types as well as splash-proof types with arm lengths of up to 1,200 mm.

IXA SCARA robots have higher performance and more functions than their predecessors. With the free IXA simulation software, customers can check the SCARA movements without real robot use and measure the cycle time quickly and easily.

At a glance:

  • One of the fastest SCARA robots
  • Low vibration, precise positioning
  • With battery-free absolute encoder
  • Simulation software available

Short cycle times

Standard cycle time
High-speed type (IXA-NSN): 0.26s
Standard type (IXA-NNN): 0.38s

Continuous cycle time
High-speed type (IXA-NSN): 0.45s
Standard type (IXA-NNN): 0.55s

The following measurements were taken during arch motion cycle operation under the following conditions and operation setting: 2 kg transport, horizontal movement: 300 mm, vertical movement: 25 mm


Mechanical structure and features

Fully covered structure
Fully covered mechanical structure of the Z-axis for better protection against dust.

Double arm structure
Improved rigidity for less vibration. Heat dissipation has been improved for shorter continuous cycle times.

Built-in cables
Cables are built in for reduced height and effective use of space.


IXA Simulation software

With this PC program, the SCARA movements can be checked and the cycle time measured without using the robot in real life.

The prerequisite for this is that customers have already purchased and installed the SEL software (from version for programming controllers.

The IXA simulation software can be downloaded under ➥PC Software.


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