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Modular RSEL & REC EC controller

With the new program type RSEL controller for the connection of up to 8 actuators and the REC controller for up to 16 EleCylinder actuators, together with the positionier type RCON controller, the R-Unit series is now complete.

This series of unit-connecting controllers with identical connections allows you to freely select and combine connected actuators and control methods. This saves space in the control panel.

Unit-connecting controllers support a wide array of combinations

Combine a driver unit with the exact number of required axes for a more compact controller and reduced installation space.

This allows for mixed control of an actuator with both a 24V motor and 230V motor.


Use the same driver units

The system can be changed just by switching out the master unit based on the control method. This allows the same driver units to be used.


RSEL controller for up to 16 actuators in conjunction with REC controller

Up to 8 axes can be connected to the RSEL controller and, in conjunction with the REC controller, in total 16 actuators.

It supports both linear and arc interpolation operations. It also allows control of connected axes to be split into two groups..

The space required for the control panel is up to 67% less compared to previous IAI models (2 MSEL controller with 4 actuators each), where a 4-axis actuator is connected to a single driver unit. The costs are reduced by approx. 44 %.

At a glance

  • Simultaneous operations of up to 8 axes (16 axes in combination with REC controller).
  • Different types of drivers can be combined thanks to the unit-linkage system.
  • Driver unit can be shared with RCON.
  • Supports control of cartesian type 6-axis robots.
  • Possible to register positioning points up to 36,000.
  • Supports battery-less absolute encoder, simple abso unit, incrementalencoder and quasi-abso encoder.


REC - Connect EleCylinder to a field network

This field network connection unit is specifically for use with EleCylinder. It allows up to 16 axes to be connected.

It is ideal for saving wiring and space inside the control panel.



EC connection unit can be connected with other driver units connected to RCON or RSEL


EleCylinder can be used together with
RoboCylinder actuators and IntelligentActuators single-axis
robots when it is connected to the EC connecting unit.


For more information about IAI`s new R-Unit controller series, please see the following catalogue

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