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RCP6(S) Long Stroke Grippers

This long-stroke gripper for lifting large workpieces is designed with two oppositely moving slides. An option with an angled motor is also supplied if the workspace available makes this necessary. Like all products in this series, of course this long-stroke gripper has a battery-free absolute encoder.

This gripper can achieve stroke lengths of between 180 mm and 260 mm and maximum grab widths of up to 1,200 mm with maximum extension of the gripper jaws of up to 400 mm. Depending on spindle pitch, this new long-stroke gripper can achieve forces of between 155 N to maximum 400 N at a position repeatability of +/- 0.01 mm. All models in this new range are also optionally fitted with an integrated controller, which greatly simplifies installation.

This new long stroke gripper is used above all for handling large plastic parts and for handling large parts in other industries, where correspondingly large grippers are required.


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