Pick & Place Handling Systems

Automation of repetitive applications

In pick-and-place applications, parts are picked up and placed back in a specific position and orientation. For example, for the purpose of sorting products for a downstream process so that subsequent machines can handle the parts better.

Companies in the food, automotive or pharmaceutical industries and many other sectors frequently use pick & place robots for the assembly or packaging of their products. This saves them production time and reduces the error rate to practically zero.

Control and transfer in the cleanroom
Loading and unloading machines
Transfer and sloping parking
Stacking beer crates
Loading & unloading washing machines
Mounting of assembly machine
Pick and assembly line
Load / unload machine tool
Load / unload grinding machine
Stacking blue rays
Single removal of paper pages
Pick & Place in cleanrooms
Loading & unloading with SCARA robot
Biscuit making
Rotation and change of direction
Cleaning glass bottles
PET bottle packaging
Placement & transfer