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For program controllers, a new SEL software (version V14.02.00.00) and a new simulation software for IXA SCARA robots (V2.7.0.0) are available for download.
It offers a detailed error display for RSEL as well as information about suitable measures. The new IXA Simulator can now also be used to simulate the large dust- and water-protected IXA SCARA robots.

The linkable RCON network controllers, the SCON single-axis controller and the MCON 1-8-axis controller now also have an optional EtherCAT Motion connection.

R-Unit is the new series of unit-connecting controllers that allows you to freely select and combine connected actuators and control methods. It saves space inside the control panel.

Numerous new EleCylinder actuators complete the existing series. These include new toothed belt axes, rotary drives, grippers and many more.

IAI opened a new showroom at its European headquarters near Frankfurt. Customers are able to see and test all of IAI's electrical automation solutions there.

New RCM software version (V13.04.00.00) for position controller is now available for download. Thus the Offboard Tuning function is now also available for the wide slider types with servo motor (RCS4-WSA type).

You can quickly and easily calculate the cycle time of an actuator yourself based on speed, acceleration, stroke and payload. On ➥ Cycle Time Calculation calculators for various electric cylinders are available for download.

New software versions for position controller (RCM) and program controller (SEL) are now available for download.

In November 2019, another milestone was reached: IAI Industrial Robots has sold more than 3 million electric axes worldwide.

Production that is as economical as possible thanks to more efficient drive technology is increasingly becoming one of the decisive competitive factors for many companies.

New fully-programmable electrical grippers: a two-point lifting magnet gripper for small part assembly and a long-stroke gripper for large workpieces.

New product generation of servo presses (electrically powered spindle presses) for automated machine assembly work.

The trend towards an ever-greater significance of electric actuators continues apace. IAI launched an all-new series of electrical actuators for easy entry and/or conversion to this pneumatic-free emerging technology.