Electric Actuators for Your Automation Technology

Energy-saving pneumatic-free automation solutions

Efficient Solutions for Automation Technology

Companies can save up to 90% of energy by switching to automation technology without compressed air. There are also numerous advantages in motion control.

IAI is one of the leading manufacturers of electric actuators and industrial robots. In addition to standard products, the comprehensive range also includes customised products and special developments. We would be happy to advise you on product selection and develop suitable system solutions for your requirements.

Energy-saving drive technology for sustainable development!

New Products & Updates

New RSEL program controller and REC EC controller complete the unit-connecting controller series R-Unit.

With new driver units, the RCON controller can control actuators with stepper and servo motors simultaneously.

New extra large ISB slider types with long stroke and ultra high-speed complete the ISB series. For up to 400 kg horizontal payload.


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For program controllers, a new SEL software (version V14.01.13.00) and a new simulation software for IXA SCARA robots (V2.6.0.0) are available for download. They are compatible with IXA SCARA robots for the cleanroom and new ultra compact EleCylinders. In addition, parameter data can now be transferred from RCON driver units at RSEL.

R-Unit is the new series of unit-connecting controllers that allows you to freely select and combine connected actuators and control methods. It saves space inside the control panel.

Numerous new EleCylinder actuators complete the existing series. These include new toothed belt axes, rotary drives, grippers and many more.