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Programmed pressure: new servo presses

The economical implementation of automated machine assembly work is becoming one of the decisive factors for ever more companies. Electrically powered spindle presses, because of their controllability and precision, are predestined for tasks like these. To achieve the best possible outcome in these challenging tasks IAI Industrieroboter GmbH presents a new product generation of servo presses. They are based on the existing electric rod type axes from IAI, which have proven their worth in all branches of industry for decades. The new servo presses are available with pressing forces of between 200 N and 50 kN and stroke lengths of 100 mm to 520 mm. . The unlimited thrust time in some models is another noteworthy feature.

Precise Press Processes

The force control required for the precise press process is provided in all models by a load cell on the thrust rod tip. This load cell makes highly-precise positioning control possible, which means easy pressing force adjustment and position control. The application software allows for two control options: Speed control or force control. Moreover, the stopping method can be chosen from four stop conditions – "position", "stroke", "load" or "incremental load".

Matching SCON-Controller with interfaces to field networks

The servo press's SCON controller has interfaces for all commercially available field bus networks, e.g. PROFINET, CC Link or Ethernet/IP. The comprehensive application software offers a total of eight different press assembly processes which include a comprehensive spectrum of press movements. In positioning mode the positions (target position, speed, acceleration, etc.) can be specified in the controller via corresponding position numbers. For axis operation, each number can be specified externally via in/output signals. In addition, there is a variety of integrated preventive maintenance functions. These include a warning signal for detecting motor overload. The temperature fluctuations in the motor are permanently monitored. The cycle count and the stroke passed is also recorded in order to monitor maintenance cycles.

High-resolution battery-less absolute Encoders

The new IAI servo presses of course have high-resolution battery-less absolute encoders. So, the new product series embodies all the advantages of this technology: no need for homing operations or home sensors, no battery maintenance and nothing in its place and problem-free restart after emergency stops etc. The high position-repeatability of +/- 0.01 mm means extremely precise positioning.

All IAI servo presses are ideal for precision pressing, assembling, grouting, fixing or riveting and for many other applications. Whether electronic projects, precision engineering or mechanical engineering applications – IAI's comprehensive portfolio of servo presses provides a suitable press system for any application.

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