Plug & Work: Simply EleCylinder

EleCylinder is the name for a comprehensive range of energy-saving electric actuators with built-in controller, motor and absolute encoder.

The series was specially developed for simple movement and positioning tasks. Typical applications include simple linear and rotary movements, pick-and-place tasks and format adjustments.

EleCylinders can be can be put into operation quickly without programming knowledge and seamlessly integrated into existing automation systems. They are controlled via I/O signals. Two positions (start and target position) can be freely selected for all models.

Due to their high travel speeds, EleCylinders are ideally suited for short cycle times.

Unlike pneumatically driven cylinders, however, they can also perform slow uniform speeds over the entire travel distance. Even gentle starting or braking are no longer a problem.

Saving energy sustainably

When replacing pneumatic cylinders with electric ones, energy savings of 60 to 90 percent can be achieved. This is because the generation and distribution of the necessary compressed air is associated with very high losses that can only be optimised to a limited extent.

The difference in energy consumption between electric and pneumatic actuators depends on the operating frequency. The higher the operating frequency, the greater the energy savings.

Based on tests conducted by IAI, the energy consumption of an EleCylinder at 300 mm stroke, 12 kg payload and 375 mm/s speed at a load of 30% is only 1/9 of the consumption of a pneumatic cylinder.

Set BGV parameters easily

With EleCylinders, the BGV parameters can be entered individually as a percentage value.

In addition to the two freely selectable positions, the speeds, acceleration and deceleration cycles are thus specified for each application.

Spare parts modularly interchangeable

The modular structure of EleCylinders makes it easy to replace parts.

Since the ball screw and linear guide rarely fail, it is usually only the motor cover including the control board, the coupling, the stainless steel plate or the motor itself that needs to be replaced when necessary.

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➥ Repair & Maintenance EleCylinder

Wireless programming via teaching pendant

The handheld programming device "Touch Panel TB-03" can communicate wirelessly with EleCylinder actuators.

It can also be used to easily program or reprogram actuators that are already firmly installed behind covers and invisible from the outside.

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Stand-alone: EleCylinder with operating panel

Many EleCylinder slider type, rod type and radial cylinders are also available with an operating panel. This means that no connection to a PC or manual programming device is necessary.

All operating settings and test runs can be made via this panel on the EleCylinder housing without the need for additional software or special tools.

EC Mini Types

EleCylinder Mini types with
built-in controller.

Energy-saving replacement for pneumatic cylinders.

EC Rod Types

Rod type actuators, radial cylinders & slide table types.

Wireless programming via
teaching pendant.

EC Slider Types

EleCylinder slider & belt-driven actuators for up to 400 kg.

Also available with 3-point controller on request.

EC Rotary Drives & Grippers

Compact rotary drives and grippers with motor and absolute encoder.

Smooth turning, stopping &
gripping of workpieces.

EC with Operating Panel

EleCylinder with operating panel on the housing

No connection to a PC or teaching pendant required.