Tiny Micro Actuators with Servo Drive

World's tiniest electric rod type including servo motor and encoder

Micro Cylinder

Micro cylinder with only 14 mm cross-section

The ultra-compact RCD micro cylinder is a rod type with a length of only 52 to 72 mm and a width of only 12 mm.

The motor-driven micro cylinder is designed for applications with low load and power requirements. It can be used for short strokes, press mounting, lifting and lowering and many other applications.

The micro linear cylinder with 24 VDC miniature motor for a maximum payload of 0.7 kg is available for stroke lengths of 10, 20 and 30 mm. The small 2.5 W motor has a rated thrust of 4.2 N and a speed of up to 300 mm/s at an acceleration of up to 9.81 m/s.

Precision lead screw

The use of a precision lead screw (Ø 3 mm, lead 2 mm) facilitates linear movements with a repeatability of ± 0.05 mm with uni-directional useful travel.

The combination of brushless 2.5 W permanent magnet motor, high-resolution encoder (440 pulses/revolution) and an ultra-compact frame guarantees maximum precision and is ideally suited for demanding positioning tasks e.g. for optical systems, glass fibre technology, or as micro-adjustment drive in the medical technology field.

High-speed performance

The small 2.5 W motor provides a rated thrust of 4.2 N, a maximum load of 0.7 kg and a speed of up to 300 mm/s at an acceleration of up to 9.81 m/s².

Its high-speed performance with maximum acceleration/deceleration of 1 G is highly effective in reducing cycle time in a variety of systems.

3-point positioning and easy acceleration rate adjustments

The Micro Cylinder RCD easily achieves 3-point positioning and acceleration/deceleration rate adjustments, which are difficult to achieve using air cylinders.

Push-motion operation similar to that available with air cylinders is also possible, and the force exerted during a push-motion operation is adjustable.

Suitable RCD micro gripper with servo drive

RCD-GRSN Mini 2-Finger Gripper

The 2-finger gripper has a total gripping force of 10 N with an overall height of only 22 mm. The maximum opening and closing speed is 67 mm/sec with a position repeatability of +/- 0.05 mm.

The small 2-finger microgripper is used wherever filigree products and materials are to be picked up and moved.

More information:  ➥ RCD 2-Finger Gripper

Application Examples

Film tension adjustment

Capability for position adjustment based on a numeric value allows the Micro Cylinder RCD to achieve precise film tension adjustment.


Part push-out

Setting the appropriate acceleration/deceleration rate enables the Micro Cylinder RCD to push out a workpiece without impact.

Suction pads for height adjustment

Three-point positioning enables the Micro Cylinder RCD to handle a workpiece with variable height dimensions.

Workpiece positioning

Multiple Micro Cylinder RCDs can be used to position a workpiece precisely by pushing it from both sides.

Positioning workpieces of varying sizes on a conveyor belt

A single Micro Cylinder RCD can push and accurately position workpieces of different sizes.