Industrial Robots for Cost-saving Automation

Extensive range of cartesian robots, table top robots and SCARA robots

Industrial Robots

Suitable robots for almost every requirement

What started with the first "intelligent" actuators at IAI today includes a wide range of industrial robots for all automation technology.

The range includes cartesian robot systems, tabletop robots and SCARA robots. Matching controller with all common fieldbus connections complete the offer.


Modular cartesian robot systems

CRS-XGA1 Cartesian Robot

On account of their modularity, Cartesian robot systems can be more easily adapted to the respective applications conditions than classic robot solutions. In addition, these energy-efficient systems frequently offer further benefits, such as a low space requirement and only precisely the function that is actually required in the respective application.

In combination with the electrical rotary axes and grippers from IAI, sustainable pneumatic-free automations can be implemented with cartesian systems. They are used above all for assembly, positioning and handling tasks, for pick & place and palletising tasks and for quality assurance in the entire industry.

Multifunctional tabletop robots

TTA-C3-5045 Tabletop Robot

The IAI tabletop robots are are extremely flexible, precise and multifunctional positioning and assembly platforms . The range of applications in which they are used is accordingly extensive.

These extend from micro-dosing in biotechnology and the population of printed circuit boards in the electronics industry to screwing and pressing in mechanical engineering. However, they are also used in the overall quality assurance and in surface coating.

Precise SCARA Robots - Standard | Cleanroom | IP65

IXA-NNN10020 SCARA Robot

IAI offers a huge range of models for all applications, from the low-cost, entry-level IXP, which provides a cost-effective entry point to automated manufacturing, to the latest IXA high performance SCARA robots, with the industry's fastest cycle times.

Despite higher performance and functionality such as minimal vibration and precise positioning, the latest SCARA robots are even cheaper than their predecessors. In addition, the latest models are equipped with battery-free absolute encoders as standard, eliminating the need for battery replacement and therefore less maintenance.

Compact and extremely powerful SCARA robots are also available as cleanroom version as well as IP65 protected types for special production environments.