Robots for automated production processes

Industrial robots are designed to perform repeatable movements with precision. They help increase manufacturing efficiency, improve product quality, reduce labour costs and automate dangerous or monotonous tasks for humans.

IAI's robots are widely used for automated tasks in manufacturing. These include assembly, welding, painting, packaging, material handling, inspection and more. They perform movements with high precision, which helps to produce products with consistent quality.

VIDEO:   Camera inspection with cartesian 6-axis robot

Cartesian robots for multidimensional movements
CRS-XGA Cartesian 6-axis Robot

Cartesian robots from IAI are ready-to-install industrial robots for multidimensional movements. They travel along the X, Y and Z axes and can also be used in larger work areas due to their optionally long strokes.

Due to their rectangular structure, Cartesian robots are extremely stable and resistant to bending. This is important for applications where vibrations or twisting must be avoided. They require comparatively little space because they only have exactly the functionality that is needed for the application.

Multifunctional tabletop & laboratory robots
TTA-C4-3025 Tabletop Robot

IAI table-top robots are flexible, precise and multifunctional positioning and assembly platforms. The applications for which they are used are correspondingly extensive.

They range from microdosing in biotechnology and the assembly of printed circuit boards in the electronics industry to screwing and press-fitting in mechanical engineering. They are also frequently used for quality assurance in the laboratory and for surface coating.

Highspeed SCARA robots - standard | cleanroom | IP65
IXA-4NSW6018 SCARA Robot

IAI offers a wide range of models for all applications, from the low-cost entry-level model IXP to the IXA high-performance SCARA robot.

In addition to the standard version, SCARA robots are also available in cleanroom versions as well as for dusty or humid production environments with protection class IP65.


Cartesian Robots

Compact 2-6 axis robots for multi-dimensional movements.

Little space required due to precisely fitting functionality.

Tabletop Robots

Robots for self-sufficient manufacturing islands.

Precise positioning, dispensing
and assembly platforms.

SCARA Robots

Process automation with multifunctional SCARA robots.

Standard, cleanroom or
IP65 model selction.