Electric rotary and part-turn actuators

Electric rotary and part-turn actuators are frequently used in automation technology, mechanical engineering, robotics and the electrical industry. They enable precise positioning and reliable motion control..

Electric rotary and part-turn actuators offer many advantages over pneumatic actuators. They are more efficient, easier to control and require less maintenance. In addition, they can be seamlessly integrated into automated systems.

IAI's product portfolio includes 12 different types of rotary and part-turn actuators. Rotary axes, rotary grippers and robot wrists complete the range.

DDA Direct drive motors - even for heavyweights

DDA torque motors drive rotary indexing tables directly without speed-reducing mechanisms such as belts or reduction gears. They are characterised by their compact and slim design as well as high precision.

DDA direct drives are available for payloads up to 90 or up to 270 kg with torques of 25 or 75 Nm.

Rotary Actuators

Electric rotary drives, part-turn actuators & rotary grippers.

Large selection of designs, sizes and motorisation.

Direct Drive Motors

Flangeless precise drect drive motors.

For payloads up to 270 kg and torques up to 75 Nm.