Sorting & Transporting

Automated conveying and sorting systems

Electric actuators are used to drive transfer lines that transport workpieces fully automatically via conveyors to the next processing station, sort them or divide them onto different assembly lines.
The advantage lies in their flexibility, because it is possible to switch the transfer lines to another product or other production sequence in a reasonable amount of time.

Alignment and transfer of boxes
Bundling and change of direction
Sorting of workpieces
Level and direction change
Electrical conveying systems
Checking the tightness of packaging
Transfer and sloping parking
Stacking beer crates
Level and direction change
Packaging sorting
Pouring of workpieces
Transfer between conveyor belts
Loading & unloading with SCARA robot
Stacking blue rays
Rotation and change of direction
Milk packaging transfer
Stacking of packages
PET bottle packaging
Pallet transfer
Positioning on the assembly line