Space-Saving Mini Actuators and Micro Cylinders

Minimum overall length, width and height as pneumatic cylinders

Electric Mini Actuators

Short-stroke actuators in smallest sizes

The overall length, width and height of Mini-RoboCylinders are comparable to the sizes of pneumatic cylinders. Moreover, they also work with the same control signals. A changeover to pneumatic-free automation is therefore quick and easy.

They are available as mini rod types, mini slider types, mini compact slide table types or even smaller as micro cylinders.

In addition to the standard version, mini actuators cylinders are also available for cleanrooms and as IP-protected models for dusty or wet production environments.
You can find them at:  ➥ Cleanroom Actuators or ➥ IP30-IP67 Actuators.

Shaped like an air cylinder and easy to use

The new RoboCylinder is available in shapes similar to air cylinders. Users accustomed to the operation of pneumatic systems are able to use the new RoboCylinder effortlessly.

Ultra-compact RCD Micro Cylinder

Ultra-compact size has been achieved, with a cross-section of only 12 mm with a body length as short as 60 mm.

The RCD Micro Cylinder is small enough to replace pneumatic cylinders used for short-stroke travel, pressing or hoisting.