Fast Belt-driven Linear Actuators

Ideal for long strokes and high speeds

Highly rigid toothed belt actuators

Toothed belt linear actuators from IAI are particularly suitable for applications with high speeds, rapid accelerations and strokes between 200 mm and 3,200 mm.

Their compact frame geometry gives them high rigidity and load capacity, making them resistant to twisting and deformation.

IAI`s belt-driven linear actuators are ideal for handling and positioning tasks where short cycle times are important.

The double slider option of the IF and the new IFA series gives the possibility to vary the distance between the two sliders. This allows the cantilever and the resulting moment load of the payload to be increased.

Advantages at a glance

  • High speed and acceleration
  • High bending stiffness
  • Long strokes
  • Low maintenance
  • Low noise

IF belt-driven actuators with double slider option

IF-SA Belt-driven Linear Actuator

The toothes belt axis with 230v servo motor from the IF series are characterised by an extremely highly rigid base structure against torsion and deformation. The maximum stroke length is 2,500 mm, the maximum speed 1,750 mm/s. The actuators are equipped with a urethane drive belt that is highly durable and generates minimal abrasion particles.

Double slider option

With the double slider option, the distance between two sliders can be varied. One slider is connected to the toothed belt and the linear guide, while the other, which ist only mounted on the linear guide, can be moved freely. By using this double slider option, the overhang load length and the resulting moment load can be increased.

EC toothed belt actuators with built-in controller

Part of the EleCylinder series are the recently introduced EC-B6/B7 toothed belt actuators with strokes between 300 mm and 2,600 mm. As with all actuators in this series, the controllers are already built in and two positions are freely selectable.

The maximum speed is 1,600 mm/s, the maximum payload can weigh up to 20 kg. Due to the toothed belt drive, the maximum speed remains constant even over long travel distances.

Belt-driven Linear Actuators

24V Stepper Motor

RCP5-BA4 Belt-driven Linear Actuator

Belt-driven Type

  • Payload: max. 16 kg (hor.)
  • Speed: max. 1,600 mm/s
  • Stroke: 300 - 2,600 mm

RCP5-BA Data sheet


RCP2-BA Belt-driven Linear Actuator

Belt-driven Type

  • Payload: max. 8 kg (hor.)
  • Speed: max. 1,500 mm/s
  • Stroke: 500 - 1,200 mm

RCP2-BA Data sheet

RCP2-BA | CAD on request

EC-B6 EleCylinder belt-driven actuator

EleCylinder EC-B6
Built-in Controller

  • Payload: max. 11 kg (hor.)
  • Stroke: 300 - 2,600 mm
  • 2 positions adjustable

EC-B6 Data sheet


EC-B7 EleCylinder belt-driven actuator

EleCylinder EC-B7
Built-in Controller

  • Payload: max. 20 kg (hor.)
  • Stroke: 300 - 2,600 mm
  • 2 positions adjustable

EC-B7 Data sheet


230V Servo Motor

IF-SA Belt-driven Linear Actuator

Double Slider Option

  • Payload: max. 10 kg (hor.)
  • Speed: max. 1,750 mm/s
  • Stroke: 200 - 2,000 mm

IF-SA Data sheet

IF Series CAD

IF-MA Belt-driven Linear Actuators

Double Slider Option

  • Payload: max. 40 kg (hor.)
  • Speed: max. 1,750 mm/s
  • Stroke: 200 - 2,500 mm

IF-MA Data sheet

IF Series CAD

IFA-SA Belt-driven Linear Actuator

IFA-SA   (Available soon!)
Double Slider Option

  • Payload: max. 20 kg (hor.)
  • Speed: max. 2,000 mm/s
  • Stroke: 200 - 2,600 mm

IFA-SA Data sheet


IFA-MA Belt-driven Linear Actuator

IFA-MA   (Available soon!)
Double Slider Option

  • Payload: max. 40 kg (hor.)
  • Speed: max. 3,000 mm/s
  • Stroke: 200 - 3,200 mm

IFA-MA Data sheet