High torques, payload and precision

DDA direct drive motors are powerful drives for rotary indexing tables that operate without gears or mechanical ratios. They generate high torque at low speeds.

The advantages of DDA direct drives are high performance, fast response and precise positioning.

They are also characterised by high rigidity and high torque, which leads to better control and precise positioning of the workpieces on the rotary table. The torque motors are available for payloads up to 90 kg or 270 kg with torques of 25 Nm and 75 Nm respectively.

At a glance:

  • Compact design with high load capacity
  • High repeatability and speed
  • High torque, large hollow opening
  • Factory parameterisation of all modules
  • Standard, cleanroom type and with IP66M
Advantages of direct drive motors

Compared to conventional geared motors, torque motors offer several advantages:

High precision: Since no mechanical gear ratios are necessary, the torque curve is very smooth and precise, which is important in applications with precise positioning requirements.

Efficiency: Since there are no energy losses due to mechanical friction in a gearbox, direct drive motors can have a higher efficiency.

Low maintenance: Fewer moving parts mean less wear and tear and lower maintenance requirements.

Compact design: Since no gearboxes are needed, the motor can be made more compact, which is an advantage when space is limited.

Fast response: Because of the direct drive, the motor can respond very quickly to changes in input control.

Direct drive motors | torque motors

Payload:   max. 270 kg
Torque:   max. 75 Nm


Slim type

  • MOT: max. 0.60 kg·m2
  • Torque: max. 25.2 Nm
  • Payload: max. 90 kg
  • Body width: 180 mm

High type

  • MOT: max. 1.8 kg·m2
  • Torque: max. 75 Nm
  • Payload: max. 270 kg
  • Body width: 180 mm