Powerful Direct Drive Motors

Compact, high speed and responsive

High Speed. High Payload. High Accuracy.

The Direct Drive Motor is a rotary actuator that directly drives a rotary table with a motor without using any speed reducing mechanism such as a belt or reduction gears.
Eliminating the speed reducing mechanism explains why high speed and excellent response can be attained with such a compact frame.

High Torque, High Payload

The series includes models designed for high torque and high payload up to 270 kg. This makes it very easy, for example, to integrate rotary indexing tables in an automation system.

Features at a glance

  • Ultra-compact design with high rigidity and load capacity.
  • High repeatability and speed.
  • High torque, large hollow opening, high load capacity.
  • The motor is mounted directly on the ball screw without coupling.
  • Factory parameterization of all modules.
  • Index absolute and multi-rotation absolute type to choose from.

DDA Direct Drive Motors

Large Bore Slim Type

  • MOT: max. 0.60 kg·m2
  • Torque: max. 25.2 Nm
  • Payload: max. 90 kg

DDA-LT18C Data Sheet


Large Bore High Type

  • MOT: max. 1.8 kg·m2
  • Torque: max. 75 Nm
  • Payload: max. 270 kg

DDA-LH18C Data Sheet