Future-proof automation technology

Efficient positioning, assembly and handling of workpieces are key components in many manufacturing companies to save energy. That is why more and more electric actuators are replacing energy-intensive pneumatic cylinders.

Replacing pneumatic cylinders with electric drives can reduce energy consumption by up to 90%. At the same time, numerous advantages open up in motion control.

IAI's electric cylinders are characterized by their compact design, high dynamics with simultaneous precision, long service life and low maintenance requirements.

Building series: EleCylinder | RoboCylinder | IntelligentActuator

Under the brand names EleCylinder, RoboCylinder and IntelligenActuator, IAI offers three series of electric cylinders for different performance and application requirements.

EleCylinders have built-in controllers and two positions are freely selectable. Due to the high travel speeds, EleCylinders are best suited for short cycle times. However, like all other electric actuators, they can also perform slow uniform speeds over the entire travel range.

The RoboCylinder and IntelligentActuator series make up the largest part of IAI's product portfolio. The RoboCylinders focus on meeting common customer requirements. They are more favourably priced than the linear drives of the IntelligenActuator series. These meet significantly higher requirements for speed, acceleration, positioning accuracy and payloads.

Technological & economic advantages

Compared to pneumatic drives, electric actuators offer a whole range of advantages: They are insensitive to load fluctuations, enable smooth jerk-free starting and stopping, simple speed regulation and the control of different positions with the highest repeat accuracy.

The sustainable energy efficiency, the significant cost savings over the entire life cycle of the production plant and the outstanding technical advantages in motion control are clear arguments for substituting pneumatically driven actuators with electromechanical cylinders.

Cleanroom design & IP-protected actuators

In addition to the standard version, numerous linear actuators, rotary actuators and grippers are also available for cleanrooms and as IP-protected models for harsh production environments. In addition to being resistant to water and dust, the latter are also characterised by a significantly longer service life compared to pneumatics.

For cleanrooms, the ISO 14644 standard is the basis for the classification of products according to their respective particle emission. Actuators from IAI fulfil the requirements for cleanroom environments of ISO classes 2.5, 3 and 4.


Compact electric actuators with built-in controller.

Energy-saving replacement for pneumatic cylinders.

Mini Actuators

Electric mini & micro actuators in space-saving miniature sizes.

Total length, width and height
like pneumatic cylinders.

Linear Actuators

Compact electric linear actuators with up to 1,000 kg payload.

Precise horizontal and
vertical positioning.

Belt-driven Actuators

Fast linear cylinders with toothed belt drive with high rigidity.

Ideal for high speeds and long travels.

Servo Presses

Servo presses with variable strokes and thrust forces up to 50 kN.

Ideal for pressing, joining,
fastening or riveting.

Rotary Drives

Electric rotary actuators and torque motors with precise motion control.

Easy to integrate into
automated systems.


Electric grippers for gripping, measuring and testing workpieces.

Ideal also for delicate

Cleanroom Actuators

Electric actuators, rotary drives and grippers for cleanroom production.

IAI actuators with ISO classifications.

IP30 - IP67 Actuators

Electric actuators with protection classes from IP30 to IP67.

Plug & Work: without additional encapsulation.