Compact Electric Actuators, Rotary Drives & Grippers

Energy-saving movement, positioning and assembly of workpieces

Future-proof Automation Technology

Efficient positioning, assembly and handling applications are key components in many manufacturing companies to counter growing cost pressure.

IAI has the world's largest portfolio of electric linear actuators, from mini cylinders, linear actuators, lifting cylinders, servo presses, rotary drives, torque motors and grippers for almost all technical applications.

The electric cylinders perform linear, rotary or gripping movements and are characterised by their uniquely compact design including motor and encoder.

EleCylinder - RoboCylinder - IntelligentActuator

IAI portfolio of electric actuators consists of the new low-priced EleCylinder series with built-in controller.

The largest share of the product portfolio have the high-quality product lines RoboCylinder and IntelligentActuator single-axis robots. Both product lines consist of highly accurate electric actuators for a wide range of automation requirements.

In the RoboCylinder series, the focus is on miniaturization and handling of small payloads, which is reflected in significantly lower prices compared to the IntelligenActuator single-axis robots. The latter meet significantly higher requirements in terms of payload, speed and stroke length.

Significant advantages in motion control

Compared to pneumatic drives, electric cylinders offer a whole range of advantages: They enable smooth, jerk-free starting and stopping, uniform speeds over the entire stroke and the control of different positions with the highest repeat accuracy. In addition, they are easy to control.

The sustainable energy efficiency, the cost savings over the entire life cycle of the production plant and the outstanding technical advantages in motion control are clear arguments for substituting pneumatically driven actuators with electromechanical cylinders.