Company History

Development Center in Japan

IAI has its own development center for energy-efficient and customized automation components.

This results in the continuous   expansion of our own product portfolio with application-specific solutions for all branches of industry.


Most important milestones in company history:

1976 IAI founded in Japan as a robot systems trader and advisory centre for automation
1981 In-house production starts in the linear sector and the first independent sales of 4-axis sealing applications with IAI axes
1986 IA IntelligentActuator product line launched as an independent brand name and complete in-house production of units
1989 IAI America, Inc. founded as a sales and service subsidiary in the USA and Canada with separate technical support.
1995 IAI Industrieroboter GmbH founded as a sales and service subsidiary for Europe with separate technical support.
1998 IAI produces swivel arm robots (IX Scara) as a new product line from 1998 onwards.
1999 In 1999, the market launch of electric cylinders opposed to conventional pneumatic cylinders begins with the product line RC RoboCylinder™ die Markteinführung von elektrischen Zylindern als Gegenpositionierung zu herkömmlichen Pneumatik-Zylindern.
2005 • Linear motors (LSA) and tabletop robots (TT) complete the product range.
• Sales consultation and technical support is intensified for customers in Germany and Europe.
2008 Launch of the Green Automation communication strategy for the RC RoboCylinder™ product line in America and Europe.
2014 Introduction of the RCD micro cylinder line.
2015 Anniversary: 20 year anniversary of the IAI Industrieroboter GmbH European headquarters in Germany.
• Introduction of battery-less absolute encoders for the RCP5 product line.
• Introduction of the second tabletop robot generation TTA.
• Introduction of the first pulse motor type Scara robot in the IXP line.
2016 Launch of the RCP6 and RCS4  series.
2018 Market launch of a new generation of servo presses with load cell.
Launch of the new red / black actuators under the name EleCylinder.
New robot wrist units for cartesian robot systems.
2019 New electric grippers: GRS solenoid gripper for small parts assembly and the RCP6 long-stroke gripper for large workpieces.
2020 • Introduction of the compact high-performance RCON controller for up to 16 axes.
• Significant expansion of the EleCylinder series with many new types and models..
• Launch of the new IXA High-speed SCARA robot.
2021 New fast ISB slider types with long stroke.